Happy people.
Happy planet.


From the moment you sign up, your company is armed with an industry-standard sustainability policy. You immediately begin generating large-scale positive impact while reducing your own negative emissions via our range of modular solutions. As you progress, you can regularly offset carbon, reduce your workforce/in-house emissions, educate your teams and improve employee wellness. Following a continually evolving model designed to mirror the paths taken by companies like Lego, Google and Unilever.

All positive action taken and associated data is recorded in a certified dashboard which produces detailed reports for both internal and external use.

You are provided a solid, up-to-date sustainability policy that you are able to share with pride. Through Inhabit, it's our mission to help you lead in the new green economy.

Sustainability is fragmented.

To understand or make meaningful change usually means heavy research, high cost to outsource or high risk changes.

To centralise the tools you need.

Our modular approach means we can keep bringing together the best-in-class tools to reduce your company's impact.

We do the heavy lifting.

Let us offset, reduce, educate and record all the steps you’ve taken.

Start small.

Our process let’s you make a difference instantly and effortlessly as we build up our efforts.

Who We Are

We believe everyone has a part to play.

Sam Mckay

Cameron Epstein

Inhabit was founded by Sam and Cam, two developers who decided to put their tech skills towards making planet-friendly living the norm.

Both with experience in building communities at previous start ups, they hope to achieve the same result and create a community with a strong sense of social purpose.

A growing team with shared values keeps us striving towards our goals.